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8 Tips to conserve cellular data on iPhone

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This post may contain affiliate links which means i may receive a commission for purchases made through links. I will only recommend products that have personally used! Learn more on my Private Policy page.


When it comes to cellular data for iphone we consider a lot of data connection for limited data plans and this is quite crucial for countries that doesn’t use the unlimited data plans. But there’s no need for alarm because that’s why this post is here. To help you manage your cellular data for your iPhone.

iPhone in some countries is known for data drainage even on super data plans like the 46gb Monthly limited data plan. Some times it’s enough and sometimes this data plan can be consumed under days.

In countries like Nigeria that doesn’t have unlimited cellular data connection, It doesn’t matter what iPhone you use because this problem is prone to you. But in countries like USA it isn’t that much of a big deal because of their unlimited cellular data plans.

How to conserve cellular data for iPhone:

iPhone cellular data usage

Well there are several ways to conserve your iPhone cellular data so that you can enjoy your iPhone while you surf the net. Although there are some tips you may not like but if you really want to conserve your data then this is worth the try.

1. Turn Off Automatic Download For App Store

We all know that iphone can automatically start downloading updates on every installed apps on your phone. Here’s how to turn it off

Go to “settings”

Go to “app store settings”

Turn off “auto download on mobile data”

Go to video Auto play and turn it off

2. Turn off background app refresh

Background app refresh is something that uses cellular data to send you notification on your iPhone whenever there’s a new notification. Now you can turn some apps that uses this feature to reduce cellular data usage on your iPhone.

Go to “settings”

Go to “general” and click on”Background App Refresh”.

Turn off some apps that you don’t want to get notifications from

NB: don’t turn off all because it would great affect user experience and you may not get notifications on any applications when you turn off all.

3. Turn off Idle Apps that uses data

Well this can be really helpful in conserving your data. You can turn off data for apps that consumes much and apps you don’t want accessing your data when not in use.

Go to settings

Go to mobile data

Check for apps that consumes much data then turn off( you can always turn it on when you feel like allowing data usage)

Also turn off wifi assist (switches on your cellular data when wifi connection is not strong).

4. Turn off Auto Backup for icloud

Go to setting

Click on “icloud” Go to “photos” Turn off everything to stop auto upload to your icloud which uses lots of data. Also turn off things you don’t want going to your icloud as soon as they enter your iPhone.

5. Turn Of Quality Streaming

Go to “settings” Select “music” and click on “mobile data” Turn off high quality streaming and also turn off motion and auto downloads NB: don’t turn off music download on mobile data because you should always download your song and not stream to avoid excessive data usage.

7. Turn On Low Quality Image Mode

This is very helpful because most imagine sent through imagine are always high quality. Turning it to low quality data will help you conserve your iPhone cellular data on imagine like memes and irrelevant images. Here’s how; Go to “settings” Go to “iMessage” Scroll to the end and turn on “low quality image mode “.

8. Turning Off Auto Download For WhatsApp

I am sure most people know about this feature but I think there’s still need to throw some light here. Open your “WhatsApp” and go to “settings” Click on “data” and “storage units” Go through each settings and set to never like automatic download for images, documents, videos and others NB: always manually download what you want to prevent excessive use of cellular data for iphone. Also tick low data usage to save data when calling in WhatsApp.


With all this information you can now reduce heavy data usage on your iPhone and also manage your limited data plans.

What else do you feel is missing here and what else do you think should be added? Let us know in the comment section. HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY…..

This post may contain affiliate links which means i may receive a commission for purchases made through links. I will only recommend products that have personally used! Learn more on my Private Policy page.


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