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Best camera apps for Android: 2022

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This post may contain affiliate links which means i may receive a commission for purchases made through links. I will only recommend products that have personally used! Learn more on my Private Policy page.


This are the 2022 round up of the best camera app for Android. These aren’t like your built-in camera apps on your android, they have so many features and advanced functionality.

In this post, were going to be giving you our own shortlist of the best camera app for Android as well as our number one pick when it comes to the best camera app in 2022.

Of course there are tons of good camera apps for taking amazing photos which some are good while some aren’t.

You’ve got things like open camera, Filmic Pro, ProCamX, DSLR Camera, Protake and Cinema FV-5 and these aren’t not all of them.

Of course each has its own advantage and disadvantages but have narrowed this shortlist down to the Top 3 best camera apps for Android in 2022.

Top 3 Best Camera App For Android 2022

1. Open Camera

Open camera - best camera app for Android

This is one of the most popular camera apps on Android because its an open source and of course it’s completely free to use.

It also packs in so many features, and so many options, and so much control that you can have over the video and the app itself.

So much so that the actual menu system to help you go through and find all of these settings actually can be a little confusing, or definitely a little overwhelming for people, more especially if you’re more at the beginner level.

The overall camera interface, though, is fairly intuitive, but it is customizable.

Now, there are some pretty cool features in here, like being able to enable the ability to tap on your screen to start and stop recording, or to take a photo, or even to trigger it when there’s a noise or a voice command.

There’s also some pretty useful anti-banding or anti-flickering settings that you can turn on to help you remove any flickering from a Computer screen or from lights in your scene; as well as different levels of noise reduction as wel, to help you clean up your video image.

But, overall, it’s probably one of the most feature-packed apps and again it’s totally free.


2. Manual Camera

Manual Camera App - Best camera apps on Android

The next app is Manual Camera. This is another app that really packs a punch.

In terms of features, it probably doesn’t have as many as Open Camera, but it is far more intuitive and far easier to use.

I much prefer the overall interface, and how much easier it is to access a lot of the core

features and functionality that you’ll wanna use in your day-to-day filming right from the main screen.

Now, while the overall interface isn’t as customizable as Open Camera, you can still customize things up, and you can hide different elements to give you a more immersive experience.

you’re able to focus on the shot that you’re getting instead of having a ton of features, and buttons, and things around. And guess that’s something that’s a really personal preference. For me, l’d much rather have access to all the controls all the time, so that I can quickly make those adjustments as need to, instead of turning them off.

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But it’s cool that you’ve got the ability. Now, if you ask someone who is after Some of the more professional controls, then you can enable professional mode, which is gonna give the ability, just like Open Camera and the next app that we’re gonna mention, to lock everything down manually;

  •   your shutter speed
  •   your ISO
  •   your white balance.

You will wanna enable pro mode to do all that.

Now, the overall menu system and navigating through to find everything is much simpler than Open Camera.

It’s not menus upon menus, it’s actually a really streamlined, really neat and tidy experience, and it makes it very fast to find the settings or the features that you’re looking for.

Now, one thing I really like about Manual Camera is how everything is just displayed so simply. Like, at the top of the screen here, we can see how much storage is left, what my aperture is set to, what recording resolution I’ve got, and can also see my exposure, my and my shutter speed. And love that you can see all of that in one place; you don’t have to look at different areas around the screen. So, just at a quick glance, you can see that everything.

But, overall, it’s still probably the fastest and easiest to use app that still packs in a ton of more advanced features and controls.

Now, in terms of pricing, there is a free lite version of the app, which does have a five minute record time.

There is ads, and it also limits your recording resolution, so it could be a good idea to grab that and to have a play around, but, really, you wanna be looking at the pro paid version, which is only gonna cost you $4.99, which is gonna remove those limits and give you access to more features as well.


1. Filmic Pro

Best Android Camera App - filmic pro

Another best camera app for Android is the Filmic would say that Filmic Pro is really a great mix of Open Camera and Manual Camera. It’s got a lot of the Customizability and control that you have in Open Camera, but it’s also got a lot more of the easier to use interface and the simplicity that you have in Manual Camera. So, FİLMIC Pro is an app that you can get whether you’re on ioS or Android, and it really helps you unlock and get the most out of your smartphone cameras.

Again, just like Manual Camera, it’s got a really clean, easy to use, fairly intuitive interface. It’s probably not as intuitive as Manual Camera, but it still makes it really quick and really easy to access all of the core functionality that you would want to right from the main screen.

They make it really easy to quickly lock down your focus point and your exposure just by dragging the square and the circle on the screen.

Or you can dial this in even further by bringing up the more advanced controls, where you can really dial everything in with great precision.

You’ve also got fast access to things like focus peeking, and zebra lines, and other overlays to really help you dial in your shot.

In terms of the menu system and diving into some of these more advanced settings, it’s still fairly intuitive, and it’s broken down into simple categories to help you find what you need fast.

There’s also great hardware integration with gimbals, like the DJI OSMO Mobile and Zhiyun Smooth 4 and also lens adapters and anamorphic lenses, which means you can really use this as a professional grade tool.

There are movies and documentaries that people have made and have been making for years with Filmic Pro, given how awesome and how powerful it is.

Is the Filmic Pro free:

Unfortunately not all the features of the Filmiic Pro is free. Now, there are some additional in-app purchases and additional apps, as part of the Filmic family as well, to help you take things to the next level.

There’s a cinematographer kit, as an in-app purchase, that will let you unlock different shooting styles. So that’ll let you shoot in a neutral dynamic, flat, or a Log V2 picture profile and itll also help you customize it up to how you’d like it.

So in terms of pricing, Fi̇lmi̇c Pro isnt free, but it is ridiculously cheap. You can buy it for a one-time price of $14.99.

The cinematographer ad-on is currently selling for $13.99, and the Fi̇lmic Remote app is currently $9.99.

Now, you can buy these in a bundle or package deal as well, which is also in the Play Store.

So that’s it for our top 3 best camera app for Android in 2022.

Let us know what you think and what you think should be the kind on this post.

This post may contain affiliate links which means i may receive a commission for purchases made through links. I will only recommend products that have personally used! Learn more on my Private Policy page.


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